The genius of Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 is one of the best-looking games I’ve played to date, and yet the most compelling aspect of the game to me is the mind place.  Usually referred to as a mind palace, the mind place is an imagined space within the detective’s head where they categorize evidence and connect the dots, so […]

Slay the spire meets borderlands?

Beneath the Oresa, a new deck building game. I loved Slay the Spire to death and played hundreds of hours of it. But I always wished they had some more animations to graphically represent what the cards said. Some games have done at least this part well in recent years like Tainted Grail and Midnight […]

Lies of P – The highest highs and the lowest lows

I don’t remember a souls gaming being more “feast or famine” than Lies of P is. That is the best way I can express my experience in it in a single sentence. When you get the perfect block and you slide in with a dodge for a charged attack, you feel like a god. But […]

New website kickoff!

Hey folks! I created a new website here since my prior actually got blown up. I sadly lost all my data for the prior site, but the bright side is that I got to redo things in a cleaner more organised way. I will be making posts here from time to time when I want […]